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Professional freelance writing is everything but fun. To produce a quality read and ensure a quick turnaround, it is important to adopt a writing process that works best for you.

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Every freelancer deserves to work with clients who are professional and respectful. Here are the warning signs to avoid people who drain off your energy.

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In this interview, I speak about my experiences as a writer – how it all started as a hobby and later evolved into my core profession.


Migraine is the third most prevalent medical condition in the world. However, it can be managed with simple lifestyle changes and a robust support system.

broken plate and broken glass

With consistent efforts and right intent, freelancers can have a flourishing career in a short time. If you are serious about your business, nobody can stop you. However, be careful of certain common mistakes that can damage your freelancing business.

Studies have proved that yoga brings a major positive impact on our physical, physiological and psychological health. Let’s take a look at the top 11 health benefits of yoga.

tips to get organized and increase productivity

An organized life is often confused with rigidity. Being organized does not mean being obsessed. It should be seen as an essential lifestyle element that would enrich your health and enhance your productivity.

Imposter syndrome can be quite deadly, for a writer’s confidence and her business. So how do we beat it? The first step is acceptance and then ry these amazing quotes to uplift your spirits


Can we really pack the essence and beauty of yoga in one day? I must admit that even after being on this journey for such a long period, it is as enticing and interesting for me as it was on day one. I am on a constant learning journey and can never master it – at least not in this lifetime.


Like any other young girl, I too had lots of dreams, of which the most special one was to become a writer. I wanted to have my name published in some form or the other – a story, book, novel, article, whatever…

While I am glad that I survived 365 days of my journey as a solo-entrepreneur, there have been numerous instances when I was bogged down by difficulties and roadblocks.